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Fotor photo editor helps you to edit photos with just a few clicks. Among other things, there are tons of free online photo editing tools, so you can crop pictures, resize pictures, add text to photos, create photo collages, and create graphic designs with ease.

Popular features of online photo editors

The online photo editor Online has lots of great tools to make it easier for you to enhance your photos. You can beautify photos, retouch portraits, remove backgrounds and apply effects. Check out the most popular photo editing features on the editorfoto.online site.

How to edit photos

Just need to implement 4 easy steps between you and create beautiful images like a professional photographer.

1. Upload an image

Upload or drag and drop an image onto the canvas to start editing using the image editor.

2. Select a feature

Click the left menu on the editor foto online web application, browse to the crop section, resize, effect, beautify features and select one, such as crop.

3. Set and check

Edit pictures online using the Fotor image editor in just a few clicks, set the intensity, check and apply.

4. Download and share

After making edits on the app, download the beautiful image that you have edited or shared.

Why you should choose an online editor

Online photo editors make editing pictures super easy. Various stylish photo effects and editing features will surely fulfill your every editing wish. This perfect photo editor is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

The best online image editing tool

A wider variety of photo editing tools from Fotor’s free online photo editor are waiting for you to use, such as fine-tune, blur tool, straightener, exposure, clone, curve, reshape photo, red-eye removal, teeth whitener, wrinkle remover, and photo editor for free. batch. It’s easy to make your pictures look amazing online. Photoshop online has never been easier.

Free photo editor for PC and mobile

Fotor photo editor is the best, it offers multiple platforms. Apart from online photo editors, it has photo editor app versions including iOS photo editor and Android photo editor as well as programs for Windows and Mac. Those photo editor software are all free and available for you to download. All of them also support data synchronization and membership, which helps you edit images anywhere and anytime with only one online photo editor account.

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